Revilers Space Marines wear bluish-grey power armour with silver chest-aquila, and company markings are displayed as a colored stripe on the helmet. Their symbol is a skull struck through with a yellow bolt of lightning. For more information regarding their color scheme, their history, or their combat doctrine, please visit the following link to Wikipedia.

Revilers Characters

The Revilers are a Second Founding Chapter of the Raven Guard and, like their parent Legion, specialize in harassing enemies with guerilla tactics and quick, shocking tact. Though they adhere to the Codex Astartes, they do so loosely, preferring the ancient teachings of their own Chapter.
Revilers Space Marines gain the following benefits: +5 Agility, +5 Perception, and the Master of Shadows Solo Mode Ability.

Jungle Fighters: One major difference between the Revilers and their progenitor is their comfortability in jungle and wet-weather environments. It has been supposed by the Inquisition that the Revilers home world is a jungle world itself, perhaps even one of the fabled “death worlds,” though none know for sure, as the Chapter’s home world is not listed in Imperial records. When on jungle worlds, or other wet-weather environments the GM deems appropriate, Revilers gain a bonus on all Navigation (Surface) and Survival Tests equal to their Intelligence Bonus. In addition, they take no penalties due to Difficult Terrain in such environments.

Son of Night

Son of Night is a Demeanour unique to Space Marines from the Raven Guard Chapter and their Successors.

The Battle-Brothers of the Revilers, like their founding Chapter, are known as dark and brooding, often surly and recalcitrant. The Revilers are not given to unnecessary conversation, preferring instead to watch and listen, waiting for events to unfold to their advantage before acting. Some have described their habit of withholding all comment despite repeated questioning to be quite infuriating.

The Revilers are extremely patient, biding their time and never acting rashly. They appear to be motivated by some inner darkness and seek to shun the light, metaphorically and often literally. While they do fight alongside other Space Marine Chapters, they have been accused of failing to share the full extent of their plans with their allies, leading to disagreement and overt conflict on numerous occasions. When fighting in the same theatre of operations as conventional forces, such as Imperial Guard and local militia units, the Raven Guard have been known to use their allies as bait in elaborate traps, launching ambushes against common foes, but not always before the unknowing bait has been taken. On numerous occasions, a furious Imperial Guard Colonel or defense force marshal has lodged the strongest of objections with the Chapter, to be met by nothing but a cold, black-eyed gaze, if even that.

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