Iron Snakes

Iron Snakes Space Marines wear gun-metal power armour with white shoulders, and red trim. Their symbol is a blue coiling snake motif. For more information regarding their color scheme, their history, or their combat doctrine, please visit the following link to Wikipedia.
Iron Snakes

Iron Snakes Characters

Battle-Brothers of the Iron Snakes are dedicated warriors who punish foes with their disciplined, flexible tactics.
Iron Snakes Space Marines gain the following benefits: +5 to any two Characteristics of the player’s choice, and the Snake Blood Solo Mode Ability.

Bonus Talent: Battle-Brothers of the Iron Snakes are exposed all manner of poisons as part of their genetic-initiation, and only the strongest souls survive such rites. Iron Snakes Space Marines begin play with the Resistance (Poisons) Talent.

Ithakan Reverance

Ithakan Reverance is a Demeanour unique to Space Marines from the Iron Snakes Chapter.

The Iron Snakes are a meticulously disciplined Chapter, though they deviate significantly from the Codex Astartes. The water from Ithaka’s oceans is considered sacred by its people, and when Iron Snakes Battle-Brothers are called to go to a distant war they perform one last act before leavetaking, a ceremony known as the Rite of the Claiming of Water. This lifewater is carried in a copper flask by every member of the Chapter, to anoint every planet that they step foot on in a ritual ceremony called the Rite of the Giving of Water. When these Battle-Brothers return to their homeworld, the remaining water in these vials was given back to the oceans of Ithaka in a rite known as the Rite of Returning.

The cremated remains of those Iron Snakes Astartes slain in battle are also returned, in ceremonial copper urns known as eusippus. Usually the senior-most Battle-Brother in the deceased’s squad performs this last sacred duty. As the Lament of Dysse is intoned, the lid of each eusippus is unscrewed in turn and the grey ash is shaken out. The fallen’s remains are sieved away into the wind and returned like the water to the sea. The fallen Astartes’ squad leader will carry prepared statements written on a scroll of paper about the valiant dead’s life, actions, and death sealed and ready, to be placed within the archives of the Chapter House. Often these scrolls also contain full orders of merit, laying out the full details and particulars of an Iron Snakes Space Marine’s service with the Chapter as well as all of the commendations and decorations he had earned.

Another common practice of the Iron Snakes is a ritual punishment used against those Astartes who have committed a terrible crime known as Oethanar — or Trial by Wyrm. This is the worst fate a man of Ithaka can undergo. The accused is left alone and unarmed on a stilt rock, forced to face the Wyrms as they are summoned. If the accused man is still alive at the end of six hours, he is considered guilty of the charges against him. The people of Ithaka believed that the Water Wyrms would not defile themselves by touching a guilty man. If the Wyrms take the accused, he is one of Ithaka’s chosen children and his innocence will be celebrated in funeral songs and grief-rites.

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