Iron Snakes Primarch's Curse

The Strong are Strongest Alone

The Battle-Brothers of the Adeptus Astartes are the champions of Mankind, but in becoming so they have surrendered much of what makes them human. When extremes of stress and trauma stretch even the prodigious mental and spiritual strength of a Space Marine, those qualities that make him a glorious exemplar of Humanity may turn him into the very opposite.

Level 1 (Contemptuous of Lesser Men): The Battle-Brother comes to regard all outside of the Adeptus Astartes as thankless curs, undeserving of the sacrifices he and his brethren have made in the name of Humanity. All Interaction Skill Tests with non-Adeptus Astartes suffer a -10 penalty.

Level 2 (Distrustful of his Brothers): Continued spiritual trauma causes the Battle-Brother to resent even other Space Marines, who he comes to believe are belittling the deeds of his own Chapter. The Battle-Brother even comes to resent those drawn from his Progenitor Chapter, perceiving slights in all they say and do. All Interaction Skill Tests with any character outside the Battle-Brothers own Kill-Team or his own Chapter are at -10. Individuals of his Progenitor Chapter and not in his Kill-Team are at -20.

Level 3 (The Champion Stands Alone): Eventually, the Battle-Brother comes to believe that he alone can bear the weight of responsibility vested in the Adeptus Astartes by the Emperor of Mankind. He withdraws even from his own Kill-Team, and his temper flares at the slightest provocation. If his counsel is not heeded, he might fly into a rage, and if he is not appointed command of a mission, he considers his skill and his honor gravely insulted. When he is not acting as the Kill-Team’s Leader, its Cohesion is reduced by 2.

Iron Snakes

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Iron Snakes Primarch's Curse

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