The Measure of Man


Techmarine Gravius notices an anomaly near one of the massive corpse piles, 70m east. Before he can give voice to his concern, termagaunts rush to surprise the Kill-team. They unleash their ambush.

Players Roll a Challenging (+0) Awareness Test to avoid being Surprised.
This Test will be opposed. Account for all additional modifiers (auto-senses, auspex, etc)


A pair of Termagaunts burst from behind a pile of bodies, sprinting towards another of the grotesque mounds. Light flashes of bio-plasma light along the tubes of weapons that are their hands, launching small wet looking blobs towards the Marines. One of the projectiles hits Brother Blainius in the chest with a loud splat, the sizzle of the acidic goo barley audible.
“Ambush! Watch that they don’t surround us brothers,” Shouts Gravius.
His right hand snaps up and he unleashes a three round burst from his bolt pistol at the distant xenos. The first two shots go wide as he raises his pistol but the final bolt flies true into the xenos that hit brother Blainius. It enters at the hip joint of the creatures biggest leg and explodes with such force that the creature is ripped in half. The wretched thing hisses and snaps weakly for a moment before its brain realizes it is dead, while its fellow Tyranid disapears behind a stack of dead human bodies.
Gravius is already checking the Auspex once again, searching for where the next attack will come from, for it shall come.


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