Using Fate Points

Fate Points allow a battle brother to manipulate situations by mitigating bad results or turning a mishap into fortune. A Battle-Brother has a limited pool of Fate Points, and when a Fate Point is spent, that pool is reduced by one. Spent Fate Points are restored at the beginning of the next gaming session, or possibly under special circumstances in the middle of a game session that the GM deems appropriate. A Fate Point can be used at any time, either on the character’s own Turn or in reaction to the action of another character. Spending a Fate Point is a Free Action.

Spending one Fate Point allows a Space Marine to do one of the following:

* Re-roll a failed test once. The results of the re-roll are final.

* Gain a +10 bonus to a test. This must be chosen before the dice are rolled.

* Add an extra Degree of Success to a test. This may be chosen after dice are rolled.

* Count as having rolled a 10 for Initiative.

* Instantly remove 1d10 Damage (this cannot affect Critical Damage).

* Instantly recover from being Stunned.

* Enter Squad Mode without a Cohesion Test.

* Gain a +1 bonus to your Rank for the benefits of a Solo Mode Ability.

* Remove one level of Fatigue.

Burning Fate

Sometimes a re-roll or an extra Degree of Success is not going to be enough to save a Battle-Brother’s life. In these instances, the character may choose to burn a Fate Point and permanently reduce his Fate Point pool by one. The result is that the character survives whatever it was that would have killed him, but only just. For example, if the character was shot with a lascannon and suffered a Critical Hit that would have killed him, instead he is only hideously burnt and rendered unconscious with zero Wounds.

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Using Fate Points

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