Space Wolves Primarch's Curse

Curse of the Wulfen

There is a savagery and animal fury that lurks in the hearts of all Space Wolves, making them powerful warriors, and deadly combatants. This bestial nature can lead them astray, and overpower their natural reason and sense of order. In time, the Battle-Brother becomes ruled by his animal instincts, and no longer reacts as a man, but as a warrior-wolf.

Level 1 (Shadow of the Wolf): The wolf lurks close to the surface in the Battle-Brother, and he feels its call for blood. This can be unsettling for others, especially those not of the Adeptus Astartes. The Battle-Brother’s Fellowship is reduced by -10 when dealing with Space Marines not of his Kill-Team, and -20 when dealing with everyone else.

Level 2 (Prey’s Scent): The keen sense of a Space Wolf can be as much a curse as a boon. Sometimes they can overpower the Battle-Brother, temporarily robbing him of his senses. The first time a foe is bloodied by the Space Wolf in battle (i.e. as soon as he inflicts at least 1 Wound on an enemy) he must make an Easy (+20) Perception Test. If he passes the test, he may only take a Half Action on his next Turn as his nostrils are flooded with the spores of his prey.

Level 3 (Fight or Fight): The Battle-Brother finds it hard to back down from fights in the face of naked aggression. Whenever the Space Wolf would be required to give ground or make a tactical retreat from a foe (i.e. disengaging from combat), he must make a Hard (-20) Willpower Test to do so.

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Space Wolves Primarch's Curse

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