Basic Skills

Characters have intrinsic abilities and Characteristics that allow for rudimentary attempts at tests with Basic Skills. Thus, even though a character may not possess Basic Skills, he may still make Skill Tests using them. Those who do not possess a Basic Skill may test that skill at half of the associated Characteristic, rounding down.

Skill Name Characteristic Description
Awareness Perception Notice ambushes, spot traps, or other things involving another’s actions.
Carouse Toughness Resist the effects of alcohol and narcotic consumption.
Charm Fellowship Improve another character’s disposition, change another character’s mind, or convince them to do something persuasively.
Climb Strength Ascend or descend ropes, pipes, scaffolding, natural or man-made walls.
Command Fellowship Direct those under the ones authority or establish actions for groups to execute on command.
Concealment Agility Hide things: from small objects, to vehicles, to starships, even oneself.
Contortionist Agility Escape bonds, squeeze through openings normally too small for passage, or fit into an area normally too small for the subject’s body.
Decieve Fellowship Mislead or lie to others to change their mind, opinions, or actions.
Dodge Agility Use Dodge as a Reaction to nullify a successful hand-to-hand or ranged attack.
Evaluate Intelligence Determine the approximate value, strength, or manufacture of an item or group of items.
Gamble Intelligence Participate in games of chance with others.
Inquiry Fellowship Gain information by asking questions, making conversation, or simple eavesdropping.
Intimidate Strength Pressure individuals to give in to demands.
Logic Intelligence Solve problems, decipher puzzles, or deal with other situations involving inference.
Scrutiny Perception Determine an individual’s truthfulness, his motives, personality, and temperament.
Search Perception Discover things that are physically hidden or difficult to notice without careful inspection.
Silent Move Agility Remain quiet and undetected.
Swim Strength Swim through liquid mediums.

Advanced Skills

Advanced Skills require very specific training or education, and common individuals may not attempt their use. Regardless of a character’s intrinsic abilities and Characteristics he, for example, would never be able to understand the Eldar language without previous instruction.

Skill Name Characteristic Description
Acrobatics Agility Perform graceful maneuvers or types of movement involving natural agility and gymnastic training.
Chem-Use Intelligence Identify, handle, and prepare chemicals, toxins, and drugs.
Ciphers Intelligence Use and understand various shorthand codes, signals, or physical markings. 1
Demolition Intelligence Employ explosives in the proper quantity to achieve a desired effect.
Drive Agility Control land-based, hover, or skimmer-type vehicles.
Interrogation Willpower Extract information from an unwilling subject using the skilled application of psychology, various devices, serums, and other techniques.
Invocation Willpower Clears the subjects mind, allowing him to more safely channel psychic techniques.
Literacy Intelligence Allows the character to read and write any language he speaks.
Lore: Common Intelligence Recall general information, procedures, divisions, traditions, famed individuals and superstitions regarding the category in question. 2
Lore: Forbidden Intelligence Represents knowledge usually hidden, veiled, or proscribed by an organization or society. 3
Lore: Scholastic Intelligence Grants the character knowledge of a particularly complex or esoteric subject. 4
Medicae Intelligence Diagnose and treat injuries by suturing wounds, applying counterseptic, and the use of medical devices.
Navigation Intelligence Plot a course between two points and travel effectively between them.
Performer Fellowship Entertain and enthrall groups of spectators through song, story or trained iteration.
Pilot Agility Fly anything from personal jump packs, to small atmospheric crafts such as landers or gun-cutters, to void-capable fighters, bombers, and capitol vessels.
Psyniscience Perception Sense the currents and eddies of the warp.
Security Intelligence Bypass mechanical locks and other physical security systems.
Shadowing Agility Follow others either on foot, in vehicles, or aboard shuttles and starships while avoiding their notice.
Sleight of Hand Agility Use deception and dexterity to palm small objects, pick pockets, or perform tricks.
Speak Language Intelligence Communicate with others using the same language.
Survival Intelligence Endure prolonged periods in unusual or alien environments.
Tactics Intelligence Practically apply military knowledge in the field of battle. 5
Tech-Use Intelligence Use or repair complex mechanical items or fathom the workings of unknown technical artifacts.
Tracking Intelligence Hunting a quarry by following signs left by the subject.
Trade Intelligence Allows the character to create, embellish, alter, or repair various items. 6
Wrangling Intelligence Tame, train, and potentially ride animals encountered by the character during his travels.

1: Xenos Markings, Deathwatch, Chapter Runes, Imperial Codes, Inquisition, Mercenary Cant, Underworld

2: Adeptus Arbites, Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Deathwatch, Ecclisiarchy, Imperial Creed, Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, Imperium, Jericho Reach, Tech, War

3: Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Archeotech, The Black Library, Daemonology, Heresy, The Inquisition, Mutants, Psykers, The Traitor Legions, The Warp, Xenos

4: Archaic, Astromancy, Beasts, Bureaucracy, Chymistry, Codex Astartes, Cryptology, Heraldry, Imperial Creed, Judgement, Legend, Numerology, Occult, Philosophy, Tactica Imperialis

5: Air Combat, Armoured Tactics, Assault Doctrine, Defensive Doctrine, Orbital Drop Procedures, Recon and Stealth, Void Combat

6: Archaeologist, Armourer, Astrographer, Chymist, Cryptographer, Explorator, Linguist, Remembrancer, Shipwright, Soothsayer, Technomat

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