Salamanders Characters

Salamanders characters are renowned for their unwavering endurance, their considered wisdom and their skill with metalwork and technology. A Salamanders Space Marine gains the following benefits: +5 Toughness, +5 Intelligence and the Fire-Born Solo Mode Ability. Salamanders characters gain the Promethean Cult Demeanour.

Bonus Talent: Salamanders characters begin play with the Resistance (Heat) Talent.

The Promethean Cult

The Promethean Cult is a Demeanour unique to Space Marines of the Salamanders Chapter.

The body of wisdom by which the people of Nocturne and, by extension, the Salamanders live by is known as the Promethean Cult. Salamanders Battle-Brothers are the product of a unique combination of genetics and tradition; the result is the perfect warrior.

This perfect example of the Promethean Warrior embodies many principles. One of the most important is self-reliance, for the people of Nocturne have lived on their savage world for countless generations before the coming of the Emperor. Even then, they never succumbed to the temptation to tame their cruel environment for they knew it made them stronger.

Another major principle of the Promethean Cult is that a warrior must never give up, whatever the odds. While all Space Marines are stubborn and resolute in pursuing their objectives, the Salamanders display this trait to the point of obstinacy. Vulkan himself would not abandon his kill when competing with the Emperor in disguise, even though it could have cost him his life, and all of the Salamanders are equally intransigent. They are stubborn in defeat and relentless in attack, though this sometimes leads to them taking disproportionate casualties when others would have withdrawn to pursue alternative tactics

In addition to these essential qualities of the Promethean Warrior, the Salamanders are extremely sturdy, and their favoured fighting styles promote toughness and the ability to stand in the face of overwhelming odds over those of speed and maneuverability. They train their bodies relentlessly, building constitution and density in favour of reaction time.

In temperament, the Promethean Warrior is level-headed and wise, seeking excellence in all he undertakes. Though he never makes a decision rashly, he rarely changes it once his mind is made up, though others may counsel him to do so. He believes that hardship and adversity are inevitable, and a price worth paying if the body and the soul are to be tempered so that both can withstand the final confrontation. Salamanders are also loyal to a fault, holding personal honour above all else. It has been noted on several occasions that the Salamanders, unlike almost all other Chapters, show compassion for ordinary humans. Perhaps because they maintain family and community ties even after their initiation into the Chapter, the Salamanders often prove themselves to be far more human than many, despite their fearsome appearance. Above all, the Salamanders believe that their Primarch will one day return, and that all of Humanity will benefit from their shining example.

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