Angels of Vengeance

The Angels of Vengeance Space Marines wear black power armour. Their symbol is a red-hooded skull, set over white wings. For more information regarding their color scheme, their history, or their combat doctrine, please visit the following link to Lexicanum.
Angels of Vengeance

Angels of Vengeance Characters

The Space Marines of the Angels of Vengeance are warriors who rely on precise, overlapping fields of fire, and a stubborn resolve in the face of overwhelming odds.
Angels of Vengeance gain the following benefits: +5 Ballistic Skill, +5 Willpower, and the Stoic Defense Solo Mode Ability.

Bonus Talents: Duty Unto Death, Rival (all non Adeptus Astartes Imperial bodies)

Sons of The Lion

Sons of The Lion is a demeanour unique to Space Marines of the Dark Angels Chapter and its Successors.

Although only the upper echelons of the Chapter are aware of the awful truth of the Dark Angels’ past, even those newly recruited are possessed of a secretive, even introverted nature. The idea that outsiders are not to be trusted is drilled into the recruits from an early stage, and they are tested continuously to ensure their compliance until it becomes second nature.

Although the Dark Angels and their Successors have fought beside all branches of the Imperium’s vast war machine, they prefer to stand beside other Space Marines. Many, even brother Astartes, find them aloof and uncommunicative. For their part, it is simply their nature to be impatient and unforgiving with strangers who pry into their affairs. In truth, those Battle-Brothers who are aware of the existence of the Fallen are ever watchful for any sign of their activity, and will abandon whatever mission they are about should they gain any clue that one is nearby. In theory, even an Angel of Vengeance seconded to the Deathwatch could go “off-mission” in this manner, although the annals of Watch Fortress Erioch do not relate any such incident taking place.

The Dark Angels and their Successors are also notoriously intolerant of non-humans and will often refuse to fight alongside armies that include abhuman warriors or alien races. They are highly suspicious of outsiders and often appear unreasonably aloof and intransigent. Indeed there have been a number of Angels of Vengeance that have withdrawn suddenly and with no explanation from a warzone when confronted by an Inquisitor or missionary.

Despite such incidents, many Dark Angels and their Successors have served with distinction and honour in the Deathwatch. Their taciturn nature and stubborn refusal to accept any thing other than total victory over their foes has served the Deathwatch well, and several noted Watch Commanders are drawn from these Chapters. These commanders keep in close contact with one another, coordinating the efforts of the Deathwatch across entire sectors of the Imperium.

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